In the shop with five-year-old 


It is their life's little moments when the top with its aged heading to the supermarket. The first face of magazine racks, where the journey stops drawing board all kinds of princess leaves. Each is accompanied by someone infinitely great toy, which is why the magazine to keep buying. It is at this time when all other children, or the latest fashion in the sandbox.
And here survive when so then it's the actual toy shelves, just try to walk past it without stopping and without buying anything. Yeah, very successful. There is a trade in the same sandbox fashion when the leaf is in stock. Now, just in larger packages with a bigger price. They are getting when everyone else is - must stay on the crest of fashion. At this point, the job is already gone into some kind of struggle, but just we're still on speaking terms when you get to trade in clothing department. From there you supposed to buy something wise, for example clever clothes.  I wonder what color is in fashion today? Or what is the matter. If you buy a red so tomorrow fashion has changed and should be pink. That is, all the same. Wrong color of the leaves in the shopping cart, however. And if the lottery is successful and the color choice falls into place so full at least is wrong. And when you are planning to continue their journey as there they nipper already hanging some clothes stands for ripping himself something princess clothes. The material seems that it will take at least two cycles, but at a price because the matter does not have an impact. Fashion's price tag is reminiscent of Nepal's gross domestic product. 

Not to mention, then tuck the shelf temptations. I did not know that you go, even in fashion. And when the nerves are in tatters and get access to the cashier so you can take solace in the thought that a few days later, the same trip again in front of. It is the happy family life. Yes, as many as possible should take care of shopping online shop. Can shop till you drop when the nipper is already sleeping, or considers Little deuces. It saves many teeth from crying and blackmail. 


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