Kids and internet



Yet the last decade, it was easy to watch children's online use, when the family had only one computer, which is the junior could be used from time to time with the most or the mother. But nowadays children have already smartphones and tablets, which they use in the internet as a rule, without supervision. Friends yes guide for what you should search the internet wondrous world. As soon as the writing even remotely begins to pan out as a child searching Google to ten times faster than middle-aged mother. And those who want to get their websites sight of children now, they are taken care of search engine optimization as well. The pages of Google Improving the visibility of so artfully that a child certainly do not want to end up merchants for pages, and then be able to present real wishes of the parents, when they happen to be next to the bag with the money. As a result, good visibility on Google is put on the marketing of products aimed at the top end for children. 


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